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Alpha-Theta Training

Alpha-Theta Protocol

Once stabilization has occurred with traditional eyes open Neurofeedback training,  eyes closed Alpha-Theta training can be introduced.  Neurofeedback training results in improved physiological function of the brain.   However, traditional Neurofeedback does not address the  psychological  or emotional issues that may have caused the change in physiological functioning of the brain in the first place.  For example, neuroscientists, know that if the young developing brain is subjected to trauma, it is changed.  It may be necessary to address the trauma issues with A/T training after functioning has improved or stabilized with traditional Neurofeedback.  This is accomplished with deep-state training or A/T

The same dynamic is in place with the traumatized adult brain.  Even though a returning vet knows his life is not in danger in his cozy bed once he returns home to the U.S., he still sleeps with a gun under his pillow and is awakened by the slightest sound. The rational brain knows he is not in danger, but the emotional brain is stuck in a fear response. A/T training allows the hypervigilant,  fearful brain to calm itself.  It allows the fearful emotional part of the brain to integrate with the rational conscious part of the brain.  The emotional brain no longer has the power to hijack the rational brain.   Alpha Theta calms anxiety and fear.

A/T is also used for peak performance.  It allows a person to envision goals to be achieved and integrate those goals into one’s reality.  “We are as we believe.”  If we believe we are not “good enough”, we will sabotage our efforts to accomplish our goals.   A/T training allows integration with our beliefs and goals.

Neurofeedback training changes the functioning of the brain. Alpha-Theta training addresses the underlying psychological or emotional issues of the brain.

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